Professional document creation


For industries such as insurance, banking, energy services or mail order, documents are still the key to customer access. Document production that produces high-quality written material gives companies a striking appearance with customers that is memorable and sets them apart from the competition. Intelligent document creation can strengthen customer loyalty if the documents are tailored exactly to the addressee and their content is easy to understand.

Therefore, professional, efficient document creation forms the basis of document-based customer communication. The goal of document creation is to create communication that is perfectly tailored to the customer, as automated as possible, and whose correct content is precisely tailored to the individual customer situation. The layout and appearance should bear the unmistakable signature of the company and it should take place exactly on the physical or digital channel preferred by the customer.

Those who have mastered these disciplines will continue to hold their own in the globalised markets of the future. The technical software basis for this is a powerful system for document creation, which also offers an integrated solution for the optimization and dispatch of documents to the most diverse channels – for example, a system for Customer Communication Management CCM such as the Series M/.


Within the framework of Customer Communication Management, document creation is integrated into a superordinate process flow consisting of preceding and subsequent process chains. The initiation is usually system-controlled or initiated by a person; the occasion is always a transaction, that is, a spontaneous or recurring business transaction such as an invoice, an offer, etc. The term “transaction printing” therefore originates from the times of purely paper-based document creation. Data acquisition and provision of data are closely linked to the commissioning of document production. The document creation itself is followed by the optimisation (e.g. sorting) and output of the documents or mailings by means of an Output Management System OMS.

In terms of process optimization, companies strive for the most fully automated, system-controlled document generation possible, either in background processing (no human being is observing the process) or batch processing. In the case of non-standardizable business transactions, e.g. in case of processing, the user or clerk controls the document creation interactively in dialog or online via his or her entries (in the user dialogue) and decisions.

Due to the increasing digitalization and mobilization of almost all areas of life, it is becoming more and more important for document creation to be able to switch between the creation of physical documents for printing and digital output according to customer requirements. For this purpose, an integrated process such as the Customer Communication Management of the Series M/ has proven itself: It monitors and controls the entire process from the creation of the documents to their output and thus becomes the central hub of the document processes. Right from the start, all necessary data or metadata is collected in the document during document creation. This creates a central basic or raw document from which the (output management) system generates the required output format at the end of the overall process and optimizes it for the corresponding output channel.

With the Series M/, the CCM from kwsoft, which offers document creation and output management from a single source, established print formats such as AFP, PCL and PostScript or formats for digital communication channels such as e-mail, SMS or messenger services can be generated, i.e. HTML(5) or (digitally fillable) PDF.

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