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We, kühn & weyh Software GmbH, in short “kwsoft”, are a software manufacturer and offer solutions for the control, creation, and optimization of your customer communication – Customer Communication Management CCM. And this is what makes us unique – among other things:

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Customer communication management

We offer CCM solutions for company-wide written communication – from creation to dispatch from a single source. They are based on our standard software Serie M/, which is the technological leader on the market. Our goal is maximum automation of your processes, the best possible usability for your users, and an all-round positive experience for your customers when they contact you.


As a service provider, we have a highly qualified and experienced consulting team that, in conjunction with our strong partnership network, carries out projects to introduce such CCM solutions and also supports customers with training, further development, migration, etc. We guide you safely to your goal.

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This core competence is our strength, and we focus on it. We cover functions outside the core area of the Serie M/ with external products that are specialized for the respective tasks. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive interface strategy that enables seamless integration into the respective IT infrastructure by loosely coupling the systems. This strategy is also followed by our commitment to standards, be it market-proven technologies, products or formats, which we – if possible – always prefer to in-house development.

Innovation – Investment security

Like no other manufacturer on the market, kwsoft® has more than 40 years of industry experience, which is paired with relentless innovation. We are constantly investing in forward-looking technologies, modern architectures, and functional enhancements, so that the Serie M/ becomes a bit better with each new release – that is our claim. And that is why the Serie M/ is today one of the technological market leaders in the field of CCM – SMEs and large corporations alike have been building on this for many years.

creating communication.

Our motto “creating communication.” brings it to the point. We ensure that successful communication is created between companies and their customers/prospects. We turn data into customer experiences that appeal to the recipient and provide a positive experience whenever he or she contacts the company in writing. That’s why our customers are primarily companies with high communication volumes whose business success depends to a large extent on their personalized customer communications being

  • handshake-regular
    is precisely tailored to the recipient and correct in terms of content,
  • paper-plane-solid
    is sent on the appropriate physical/digital channel in each case,
  • building-solid
    appearing in the company's unmistakable corporate design.

Because our CCM solutions master these tasks excellently, reliably, and efficiently, we have established long-standing, trusting customer relationships with well-known companies. Seven of the eight leading statutory health insurance companies in Germany, for example, have been using the Serie M/ for their customer communications for many years.

Partner strategy

Experience shows: Groundbreaking, comprehensive solutions only emerge when we succeed in mastering complex interrelationships and integrating optimally into surrounding processes and applications. That is why we have built up a top-class partner network that complements and enriches our core competencies. This applies to the product portfolio and interfaces as well as to implementation and project work (> link to partner page) – in different industries and countries worldwide.

creating communication


kwsoft® has always been characterized by a very special spirit, which customers and new employees immediately perceive when they are with us and especially when we get to know each other better. It is characterized by respectful interaction with one another, it includes a great deal of personal freedom, it considers the social situation of the colleagues, and it is based on mutual trust. It unites employees in their efforts to make a difference. It is reflected in high employee satisfaction and low staff turnover. But it also radiates outward in the form of constant support for social and artistic projects in the region.

As in real life, a certain netiquette must also be observed in social networks. You can find out what kwsoft® stands for in social media in our Social Media Principles.


As a company in the IT services industry, we maintain a special commitment to energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies.

Green power

Our company building has been drawing exclusively green electricity from wind and hydroelectric power for years.

Hybrid and electric cars

We use and promote fully and partially electrically powered company vehicles.

Energy-efficient hardware

When configuring our hardware equipment, we pay attention to energy-efficient components.

Paper and resource consumption

With our software, we help reduce paper and resource consumption, because digital communication is much more ecological than print and mail.

And in Corona times, of course


Digital work in the home office.

Digitale meetings

As far as possible, all corporate communication internally and with customers and partners takes place via digital communication tools.


In the area of training, we offer webinars and, where possible/equipped, face-to-face events and on-site training.

The management

Geschäftsleitung kwsoft

From left to right: Jörg Schoppmeyer, Managing Director Klaus Ganter, Managing Director Markus Schmutz, Authorized signatory Matthias Abel, Managing Director


kühn & weyh Software GmbH
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