Content Composition – Document Creation

Content is king – the more personalized the content, the more engaged the audience

Whether it is with content marketing, content management, or content composition, the importance of relevant content is required more than ever for successful customer communication. The goal is to capture the customer’s attention and tie them to a positive experience with the company. In this way, business goals can be achieved, response time can be reduced, and long-term customer loyalty can be established.

Content Composition

What constitutes good content

The key correspondence elements that Content Composition offers for creating promising customer experiences are:

  • Precision - No endless questionnaires/explanations, but questions/content exactly applicable to the case at hand or the individuals involved.
  • Correctness – Business statements need to be reliable - right down to tested, unchangeable legal wording.
  • Compelling presentation - Digital formats in particular offer appealing and helpful design options, e.g. dynamic, responsive output with HTML or accessible PDF/UA documents.
  • Flexible formatting - form and medium correspond to the message, e.g. notifications in mobile messenger, important documents as accessible PDF in the portal
  • Recognition - The company's corporate design is recognizable on every output channel
  • Individual additions - Ads matching the customer profile are controlled by Whitespace Management and round complete the profile

The Series M/ - as proven as it is modern

Rely on an always up-to-date solution for your content composition.

The enterprise solution

Together with the data interfaces, the content composition should be able to process any type of written corporate communication from any commissioning system in any processing mode (with/without human interaction, batch processing) Because only with a central enterprise solution you achieve optimal.

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Uniform document service at every workstation, no isolated solutions

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Control over dispatch/archiving of all outgoing written communication

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Economic efficiency

Reusability of elements, automation of processes, digitization or savings on postage and shipping

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Future orientation

With the Series M/ you serve all the necessary digital as well as analog communication channels today. Thanks to the innovative power with which the Series M/ is being further developed (forward-looking technology, open interfaces, etc.), this will also be the case in the future, when we are all more and more at home in the digital world.

The better the data, the better the content

Tailored communication ( one-to-one marketing) is possibly the most comprehensive exchange of customer data, product/service data, inbound data, process data, etc.. They are usually distributed across different systems or databases (CRM, product databases, BPM, input management, etc.). Therefore, the integration of CCM to the network of systems and processes plays a crucial role for effective content composition.

The Series M/ has a distinctive interface strategy for communicating bi-directionally with the network of surrounding systems:

  • Mutual data exchange between the systems involved via defined interfaces
  • Leading processes/products start Series M/ CCM processes
  • The Series M/ in itself calls external applications or subsequent processes

There is no interlocking of the systems, but rather a loose coupling via the defined interfaces, which can be quickly extended or also released again as required.

Content Composition

The available database and the defined templates and text modules are the basic elements from which the CCM compiles or “composes” individual texts. The more differentiated the systems ability to coordinate and modify these elements, the more convincing the result. 

The success of the Series M/ is rooted in over 40 years of experience with content composition. Like no other system on the market, the Series M/ combines industry know-how with relentless innovation. This makes it the technological leader in CCM today. 

  • Differentiated, logic-based control of data, content and layout with the product-specific module technology
  • Templates that dynamically adapt to the data being processed
  • Repurposable text modules that are variable down to the smallest text elements and variants
  • A smart editor that users can operate intuitively and without extensive training
  • A Editorial System, which turns the specialists' expertise into customer communication in a very convenient way.
  • An internal format that holds all this information to create any output in the end

Use Case: In insurance , all the parties involved (e.g. policyholder, claimant, broker) must be well-informed. Based on the transferred order data, the Content Manager activates the correct template from modified text modules to create different notifications for the relevant parties involved The tabular damage listing grows dynamically with the number of items recorded in the database. And for future output, it is already noted who, for example, will receive a message optimized for their smartphone and who will be served by paper mail. This entire process was triggered by a single click by the clerk.

M/TEXT - the innovative product line

Set to document creation with M/TEXT.

Interactively created content – the editor’s hour

In addition to the aforementioned  automation by the system, the interaction of the user who contributes data/content plays an important role in many industries and their respective business processes. The role of Clerks include processing cases, make decisions, getting approvals from responsible parties,etc. In these cases, a clever editor would meet the demand for achieving the company’s goals:

  • Usability - power users should feel comfortable with it, but people who rarely work with it must also be able to use it intuitively. Real-time display (WYSIWYG) and user interfaces configured for the tasks facilitate the overview.
  • Integration with other applications without the user leaving their work interface.
  • Global availability via web.

Project managers know: The success of a solution is largely determined by its adoption by the employees and the user-friendliness of an editor is a key determining factor in usability.

The M/TEXT TONIC Editor of the Series M/ appeals to all users. As an HTML5 client, it is easily accessible at all workstations. It can be adapted exactly to the respective work situation and can be configured to offer only those functions that the user actually needs – no more and no less. The administrator can also customize the layout functions such that the corporate design is maintained even in free text entry.

The editorial system – turning expertise into IT resources

The editor plays a central role in the M/TEXT TONIC Content Hub Series. It is used for the simple creation of content in the form of text resources (modules/templates) and is aimed at specialist editors. The system provides subject specialists with all functions in a simple, clear way to create fully functional resources in terms of content, form, and functionality.

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