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A modern CCM system is the key to producing high-quality, successful customer communications and thus creating a positive customer experience. To do this, it must be perfectly integrated into the IT environment and managed and controlled across  a wide range of resources. It doesn’t do that on its own; it works only as well as the people who operate and administer it. And the best way to do that is with an efficient, user-friendlyadministration tool for quickly adapting to new requirements. 

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The tasks of a CCM administration

To meet these requirements, the administration and design tool must master a number of core tasks:

  • Usability – Clear, modern user interfaces and graphical design to access standardized functions easily and intuitively. This declarative method (> link to know-how) saves an enormous amount of time compared to complex scripting and creates efficient, easily comprehensible solution standards.
  • Centralized management of all resources required for the CCM process – Canned text, layout, logic, graphics, metadata, etc. - is a major advantage. This enables you to implement not only your corporate design, but also any changes/new features in a binding and comprehensive manner.
  • Role distribution – In order to be able to divide the creation and administration of often extensive, company-wide CCM processes into subtasks, the system must have a differentiated user and rights administration with role profiles. In this way, different employees/representatives can be entrusted with appropriate tasks.
  • Content Management System – A helpful feature of this role model is a Editorial System/Content Management System, that makes it very easy to integrate the know-how of subject specialists into the generation of customer communications.
  • Versioning – No resource creation process without version management. This is the only way to identify different resource statuses and manage them in an audit-proof manner.
  • Deployment – Manual/automated release or distribution procedures to update the defined environments e.g. development - test - production.

Such an administration tool ideally forms the control center for the creation and maintenance of all resources. Since the Series M/ is an end-to-end CCM solution from a single source, the M/Workbench administration tool controls the entire process from content creation to output management processes.

The Series M/ - as proven as it is modern

Content composition and output management in one.

M/Workbench – CCM Administration with the Series M/

M/Workbench is the central design and administration environment of the Series M/. It fulfills all the above requirements and also has a differentiated organizational structure that supports your administrators in keeping track of and mastering even extensive and branched customer communication projects.

M/Workbench supports the administrator with a uniform graphical development environment in the entire creation, processing and output process.   

With M/Workbench, you efficiently and effortlessly translate the requirements of a modern CCM into resources. And they ensure that document processes run smoothly and are automated as far as possible. The prerequisite for generating a positive experience or customer experience with your customers/prospects that sets you apart from the competition and helps to ensure your market success in the future.    

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