The M/TEXT TONIC Content Hub editorial system

How the specialists’ expertise becomes customer communication

Quickly becoming familiar with customer communications in all departments is an ongoing challenge for many specialists. If a simple way can be found to incorporate this customer-oriented and practical expertise (current legal situation, new requirements, new potentials, etc.) quickly, efficiently and directly into the IT-driven communication processes, customer communication will benefit directly. The information is always up-to-date and reliable, and a positive customer experience is created.

Integrating the editorial system

M/TEXT TONIC Content Hub is an editorial system that connects the professional world with the IT world. It is for technical editors and specialists, who can use it to turn their knowledge into content. The content, which is in the form of text resources (modules/templates), can be used immediately in communication processes. They operate the system in the easy-to-understand M/TEXT Editor. In this way, M/TEXT TONIC Content Hub makes all functions easily accessible to editors in order to create full-value/demanding resources in terms of content, form and function:

  • Create/edit text containers, paragraphs, tables, graphics, barcodes
  • Create/edit translation texts, form fields, logic (e.g. for dynamic tables)
  • Access data sources and use their content
  • Turn content from existing resources into reusable elements, so-called building blocks/model, and insert/edit/resolve them,

It is important that the editors always work within the authorization framework that the technical administrators have defined in the framework templates. This ensures that all CD guidelines are adhered to and changes are only made where they are permitted.
At the same time, the resources created via Content Hub meet all relevant requirements for versioning and coordinated software distribution (deployment). M/TEXT TONIC Content Hub thus offers the professional world easy access to the IT world in the sense of efficient and agile utilization of its potential. This improves communication, customer support, customer loyalty, and business success.

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Christel Heusler