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Organize targeted customer approach efficiently

The current change in media and communications poses existential tasks for companies and organizations with high (business-relevant) communication volumes. For a successful customer approach and long-term customer loyalty, ever higher communication standards must be met – in terms of quality, speed of response, flexibility and scope.

The solution? The Serie M/ from kwsoft®

Such a challenge can only be met with a powerful Customer Communication Management system CCM. It acts as the central hub of communication processes and covers four essential functions:

  • Collecting all relevant data from the delivery systems
  • Content composition or creation of individual, customer-relevant content
  • Control of the processing and optimisation processes
  • Channel-specific preparation and distribution of the output

The Serie M/ is such a CCM system for the secure and efficient creation of individualized, relevant customer communications. The ultimate goal is an automatic process across all 4 stages – completely without human interaction. If human intervention/decision-making is unavoidable, the Serie M/ minimizes this effort by taking over all routine tasks and user-friendly operation in the editor (usability).

What makes a powerful CCM solution?

Comprehensive data supply

The basis of individual and thus relevant communication is the recipient’s individual data. However, this data is often distributed across different systems or databases (CRM, product databases, process control, input management, etc.). Therefore, the connection of the CCM to the surrounding systems and processes plays a decisive role. The Serie M/ has a distinctive interface strategy to be able to communicate with all relevant surrounding systems.

  • Mutual data exchange between the systems involved via defined interfaces
  • Higher-level processes/products call up functions of the CCM
  • And the CCM calls external applications or follow-up processes
  • All that is needed is a loose coupling via defined interfaces, which can also be quickly released if necessary.

This is the principle behind the provenCCM for SAPsolution for seamless connection of SAP to the M/ Series CCM. The integration of the M/ series has already helped numerous SAP applications to achieve up-to-date, successful customer communication. It is so easy to implement that even SAP consultants were amazed.  

Content is what counts!

The more individually tailored the content is to the individual customer (one-to-one marketing), the more relevant the message is to the recipient. It leaves him with a positive experience or “customer experience” and establishes successful customer communication and strengthens customer loyalty.

M/TEXT, the content manager of the Serie M/, masters this principle down to the smallest text elements and variants. The product-typical building block technology is based on reusable elements that control content, layout and output individually and in detail. This creates a target group-specific, individual address that appeals to the recipient and generates a positive customer experience, a successful customer experience.

Omnichannel output

In the CCM process, it is usually only decided at the very end, at the time of output, whether, depending on the situation/customer profile, the content is to be sent via

  • Messaging systems (SMS, e-mail etc.) and/or
  • Accessible PDF/UA documents for thecustomer portal
  • non-paged HTML messages with optimised display on mobile devices
  • any other formats or
  • a conventional mailing


The Serie M/ offers such flexibility in processing and output based on an internal, format-independent base format. This contains all content, data, metadata and layout instructions collected during the creation process in a structured form. This means that any content variants and output formats can be created from this uniquely stored format.

Investment security, future-oriented technology

Growing individual demands as well as globalized markets and worldwide corporate structures bring with them a number of requirements that affect the architecture and technology of the CCM system.

  • 24/7 operation combined with high failure safety
  • High scalability to cover peak loads
  • Operation on premise as in container resp. cloud
  • Use of proven market standards (formats, interfaces etc.)
  • Integration into the IT infrastructure
  • Complementing the CCM solution with monitoring, Business Intelligence etc.
  • Continuous, customer- and market-oriented development of the CCM system

kwsoft® is the only German provider with an end-to-end CCM solution in Java EE or container technology from a single source. Renowned customers have been relying on this strategy for more than 40 years, because they benefit from

  • the excellent performance of a coordinated overall process
  • the efficiency and clarity of the central resource configuration.
  • Finally, from establishing a single enterprise-wide CCM solution that frees them from the conversion hassle.

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