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Fida Software

CajaS – Regression testing for specialist departments

With CajaS, FIDA offers a solution that tests print pieces created via kwsoft’s software in an automated regression test.

Concrete use cases include: continuous comparison of documents in production, comparison during version changes, comparison during changes to the configuration.

camunda BPM Integration

Since 2012, ‘camunda BPM’ is being offered, an open source – platform for Business Process Management, i.e. the design and control of business processes. In spring 2014, Camunda Inc. was founded with headquarters in San Francisco, USA. Since then, it has been successfully developing the North American market with quality software “made in Germany”.


Enjoy the benefits of cloud technology paired with a modern and flexible CCM system.

d.3 ecm by d.velop Integration

As a d.velop business partner, kwsoft® recommends the d.3 system as the preferred leading ECM system for optimizing business processes. Especially for the integration of document processes controlled with Serie M/.


fileee conversations powered by ThinkOwl

fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl – simplifies communication between customers, employees and companies. Companies can use it to create individual conversations with their customers and employees.


inSign Electronic Signature

The inSign software solution digitalizes signature processes. Employees and customers can fill out and sign documents anytime and anywhere. Automatic status notification and reminders to the signer significantly simplify communication between the people involved.

Jadice Viewers by levigo solutions Integration

As part of the OEM partnership, kwsoft® has integrated the jadice viewer into the M/TEXT attachment platform. It enables the user to view external documents from the archive, from the desktop, from office applications, etc. and to insert them into M/TEXT documents – using drag & drop. The resulting composite documents can be further processed as usual in the output management system M/OMS.

logo jadice viewer m/ecosystem kwsoft


With “kVASy®”, SIV AG has created an IT industry solution that is tailor-made for this business and covers practically all processes and products of the utility companies with the four service areas Billing, Finance, Technical Assets and Customer Relationship. All areas are connected to the common data storage as well as to the output channels of the kVASy® communication.

MS Outlook Integration

The integration of M/TEXT modules in the Outlook mail service activates the company-wide layout guidelines stored in the modules and also makes potentially all canned texts (legally) coordinated within the company available. The simple selection of the desired building blocks, links or attachment documents facilitates processing for the user, increases the formal and content quality of the mail traffic and at the same time preserves the mail history.


msg insurance suite

Customers benefit from the increased performance (e.g. AFP printing, operation of postal routes) of this intgerated solution, and the two partner companies work closely together to ensure seamless integration that is maintenance-free for the customer.


With msg.PIA (Primary Insurance Application), our partner msg offers a mature, process-supported all-line-of-business solution that impresses with its uniform, process-oriented interfaces and ease of use and enables flexible, efficient policy management. msg.PIA offers the option of using SAP-based standard solutions such as SAP Business Partner and FS-CD.

SAP Integration

SAP standard forms technology and output solutions are not enough for many companies. Instead, they rely on a professional Customer Communication Management System such as Serie M/. To fully exploit its potential, seamless integration is crucial. That is why kwsoft® offers appropriate solutions together with specialized partners.

semantics Library Managers Integration

semantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH employs an interdisciplinary team of programmers, linguists, text scientists and psychologists to develop web and text technologies to optimize large text collections.

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