Customer experience and contemporary customer approach

Turn your data into customer experiences!

The time of uniform standard solutions is in the past – for products and services as well as for written customer communication. Today, the aim is to create a positive experience at every touchpoint with the customer. The aim is not only to meet the expectations of the target group, but to exceed them, so that the customer is not only satisfied and loyal, but also enthusiastic about the brand and product, which he or she will carry forward.

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Customer Experience Task

Personalization & Data

The basis of every individual approach is the use of all available customer, product and business data that characterize the respective transaction, the process.

Authoritative, individualized content

To create individualized content automatically, prepared and authorized text modules must be flexibly composed and modified.

Dynamically adapted to the customer, his current situation and transaction, so that the recipient feels directly addressed.

Identity in the diversity of media

In addition to appealing content, the choice of the right communication channel plays an increasingly important role to adequately reach the target group on their preferred, mostly mobile devices or by mail.

With all the diversity of channels, formats and layouts, the company’s identity (CI) should also be immediately recognizable to the mass.

Fast, flexible responses

Digitization has not only increased the variety of media, but also enormously accelerated response times in communication.

Expectations have changed; anyone who makes an inquiry by e-mail does not want to wait days for a letter response.

Solution – CCM with Series M/

Series M/ – APIs

The distinctive interface strategy allows to receive, collect and process data in common formats (XML, Json, etc.,) from any system, such as CRM, ERP, input management, specialist applications, etc.

Series M/ – Content Composition

M/TEXT uses dynamic templates with which variable data and prepared text elements can be flexibly combined and modified down to the smallest detail in terms of content, logic, layout and graphics.

Series M/ – Omnichannel Output

M/OMS, the Omnichannel Output Management of the Series M/, has all the necessary information at the end of the CCM process to play the desired channel in the right format with the individualized content for each customer. Centrally managed resources ensure compliance with the corporate design on each output channel.

Series M/ – Output = Input

M/OMS offers you many possibilities to make the dialog with the target group faster, safer and more comfortable.

  • Accessible (barrier-free) documents
  • Whitespace management to take advantage of cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Barcode/QR code for automated mapping of returns

Avoid media discontinuity with

  • Digitally fillable forms
  • Digital delivery directly to the customer portal
  • Short messages via messenger services

The Series M/ is one of the technologically leading CCM systems on the market and offers you all the options you need to adapt your customer communication to current and future requirements while also meeting the CXM requirements for contemporary, high-quality customer communication. Successful customer communication builds trust and strengthens customer loyalty – the basis for your future business success.

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