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Time and time again, individual technical or functional topics arise in the area of CCM that are particularly in demand and under discussion. Here we take up such current topics in order to give you a factual/technical quick introduction to the respective problem. And, of course, we don’t stop at questions, we also have solutions to offer.


Companies that take the issue of accessibility in professional communication seriously and offer appropriate products and services send a positive signal in the market, which is also reflected in their image and market success.

Optimize CCM processes with business intelligence

With business analytics or business intelligence BI, you can collect, evaluate and depict distributed and inhomogeneous company and market data. In this way, you gain success-critical knowledge about the status, potentials and perspectives of your company. Use this fact-based method to support management decisions!

CCM in the Cloud

With the modern software architecture of the Series M/ it is possible to run your CCM in the cloud.

Personalized customer communication

The time of uniform standard solutions is over. Today, it’s all about creating a positive experience at every touchpoint with the customer.

Responsive Design

Responsive (web) design is a design principle based on HTML format to display web pages or documents in a clear and user-friendly manner on the respective end devices used.

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Leading in Output Management

High-performance output management that can be seamlessly integrated into any ecosystem: We would be happy to show you how to use our products to fit your situation exactly.

Productoverview of the Series M/

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