Document creation from Salesforce

With the app “Q!TONIC” you create documents directly from Salesforce – in an automated or interactive way. This is fast, secure and efficient because this app integrates the professional, market-proven M/TEXT document creation into Salesforce.

The solution

This solution, developed in cooperation with our partner QKom, complements Salesforce with a document creation system that is technologically leading on the market and at the same time brings with it the experience of over 40 years of development and optimization. Benefit from this synergy and create quotations, contracts, delivery bills, invoices and many other business documents fully automated or with guided interactive editing – directly from Salesforce.

Fully automated: The One-Click Document

Q!TONIC speeds up the creation of personalized business documents from Salesforce many times over and helps minimize errors. End users create error-free, ready-to-send documents in corporate design with just one click. The relevant Salesforce data (standard and custom) is automatically transferred by M/TEXT and inserted into the stored template.The finalized document is finally made available in Salesforce.

Guided & interactive: convenient editing of documents

If documents require individual changes, the modern HTML5 web editor comes into play: reusable modules, protected text areas and the guide integrated in the editor ensure that users not only reach their goal quickly, but also safely.

The result: High-quality customer communication

With features such as content composition, multilingualism, accessibility and conditional content output, M/TEXT TONIC ensures that recipients receive only the customized content that is relevant to them. The central templates ensure strict adherence to your corporate design and the use of correct wordings at every stage of processing.

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The advantages at a glance

  • Professional document creation at “lightning speed”
  • Automatic transfer of all relevant Salesforce data (standard and custom)
  • Modern HTML5 editor for efficient, interactive document editing
  • Intelligent templates for a wide range of use cases
  • Professional Salesforce integration based on standards
  • Available as an app for immediate use

Conclusion: A handy solution … with a huge potential

With Q!TONIC, you extend your Salesforce solution with powerful, efficient document creation. You benefit from the experience and sophistication of a document solution that is unique on the market. With Q!TONIC, your users create even extensive and personalized documents with just one click or are guided interactively during editing. Time-consuming activities such as copy & paste or complex layout adaptations to the corporate design are a thing of the past. Your users can thus focus on their actual tasks.

The Q!TONIC solution with M/TEXT TONIC document creation can be put into operation immediately as an app; it can be installed directly in your existing environment. Q!TONIC is also suitable for customer-specific use cases, as the integration is designed to be included in your own Apex functions and can therefore be easily extended.

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