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M/TEXT forms (along with M/OMS and M/Workbench) one of the three pillars of Customer Communication Management with the Serie M/. M/TEXT is responsible for document creation or content composition. Generating relevant content that is individually customized for the recipient is a crucial factor for successful communication. It helps create a positive experience for the customer/prospect.

M/TEXT Server

M/TEXT functions

M/TEXT is the only system on the market with 40 years of industry experience and has been continuously optimized. M/TEXT uses the system’s own logic to flexibly generate individual content from the data provided, right down to the smallest text elements – and automatically applies the layout agreed in the corporate design. Therefore, at the end of the process, all information is available to serve physical and digital channels in the appropriate format.

  • Initiation of the document process – data transfer via interfaces from leading IT processes and systems such as CRM, ECM, input management, BMP, workflow management systems, specialist applications, user input, etc.
  • Rule-based generation of individual content – this creates communication that is relevant to and perceived by the recipient.
  • Reusability – the product-typical building block technology ensures that the elements stored in the building blocks, such as content, definitions, rules, can be reused at various points in the system.
  • Standardized format – It contains all constituent elements such as layout, structural information and metadata. It can be used to create any type of physical or digital customer communication of any complexity, size or number.
  • Modern editor – With the editor developed in HTML5 technology for interactive document creation, the user works in the original layout of the document (WYSIWYG). It offers barrier-free access via keyboard or assistive technologies to people with handicap.
  • An An editorial system – with which specialist editors independently turn their know-how into content/text resources.
  • Transfer to the output management system M/OMS – For finalization and shipment preparation or rendering into the required output formats, if no OMS is used.

The high degree of flexibility and the wide range of possible uses make M/TEXT the universal tool for the central creation of all types of high-quality written customer communication, from beautifully presented business documents to short messages and other digital channels. With built-in whitespace management, the free space remaining at the end of a letter can be used for appropriate additional information and advertisements.

Leading CRM and ERP providers such as Salesforce and SAP also benefit from up-to-date communication professionally created with M/TEXT.

Serie M/ – as established as it is innovative

Rely on an ever updated solution for your content composition.

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A hub for relevant content

The relevant data is distributed across numerous data sources. The comprehensive interface strategy enables M/TEXT to leverage all available data sources to generate relevant content with the highest degree of customization. As part of this creation process, M/TEXT can independently call external systems/programs to obtain data as needed.

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Seamless integration – loose coupling

In spite of all openness, the requirements of the service-oriented architecture apply to the integration: there is no interlocking of the systems, but only a loose coupling via the data transfer at the defined interface. This results in seamless integration into the existing application landscape and infrastructure, which can also be quickly disconnected if required.

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Maximum automation

M/TEXT is suitable for interactive dialog processing as well as for individual and mass processing (batch). The goal is to achieve the highest possible degree of automation. If manual interventions are required, they can be reduced to a minimum with M/TEXT.

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The most efficient, most secure solution

With M/TEXT, an enormous increase in efficiency can be achieved because it offers a central solution for all types of written communication in the company. It can replace expensive stand-alone solutions and establish secure processes that ensure, for example, that outgoing customer communications are fully archived.

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The perfect companion to the digital future

M/TEXT forms the basis for generating physical as well as digital communication in any combination – depending on the customer or occasion. This way, a smooth transition into the digital world can be organized.

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