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Confidently design and administer sophisticated CCM applications

M/Workbench is the central design and administration environment for the entire Series M/. With it, administrators/template designers design and control the document processes from content composition with M/TEXT to the output processes through M/OMS.

Resources are organized hierarchically by application and, at the next level, by their function as templates, graphics, data sources, and so on. This creates a clear structure that always provides good orientation, both in detail and in overview.


What does M/Workbench do?

M/Workbench is the administration center of the Series M/ for M/TEXT and M/OMS. Graphical editors are available for designing the processes and the required resources, which enable intuitive work according to the declarative principle. The main resources for designing the CCM processes:


  • Document templates – with canned text, layout, logic, metadata, etc.
  • Mappings – for transfer and assignment of external data
  • Metadata – for detailed processing and process control


  • Define processing batch – Content processed according to common criteria
  • Define output channels – with associated formatting
  • Define transfer definitions – for output destinations for mail server, print server, archive, etc.

M/Workbench provides administrators with a structured graphical development environment with which they  can efficiently and effortlessly convert even the most complex CCM requirements into resources to  ensure smooth automation of document processes.

More about the software technology of M/Workbench and the Series M/.

The Series M/ – as proven as it is modern

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The advantages of M/Workbench

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Standardization, CI

With the central resource management (configuration & design) you administer a company-wide CCM solution and can reliably implement corporate identity standards, e.g. in layout, design and wording.

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Usability, time-to-market

The declarative application design with graphical editors makes your CCM efficient, easy to use and agile when it comes to quickly implementing market requirements.

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Timeliness, commitment

The configurable versioning and deployment procedures ensure that people are always working with the right version.

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There is a separate editorial system M/TEXT Content Hub for text editing in the specialist department. Further competencies/roles in the administration process can be transferred to different employees within the framework of the version management system used.

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Why efficient administration and central resource management are so important for your CCM.

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