Central tasks of CCM and how to solve them…

Based on our many years of industry experience, we highlight the core tasks and challenges of current CCM issues. We then present superior, forward-looking solutions with our Serie M/. Why are they technological leaders? What’s in it for you and your company? Read for yourself.

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Customer Communication
Management (CCM)

Today’s customers are digitally connected, mobile, and aware of their demands. You can only reach them with high-quality, individualized customer communication. And you can only create this with a powerful CCM system like the Serie M/.

for SAP

How about simply integrating the design and layout of your SAP output into the corporate design of your corporate communications? Instead of time-consuming SAP programming. Find out how to do this with Serie M/.

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for Insurance

Many insurance companies with SAP solutions face the urgent challenge of improving the quality and efficiency of the customer communications they generate (isolated applications). Shown here is our proposed solution.

Output Management

You want your customers to have a positive customer experience when they contact your company. Addressing them at the right time in the right tone on the right channel/medium plays a decisive role in this. Our M/OMS does just that.


Maintenance /

The performance of the CCM system is one thing; configuring it and mastering the associated processes and complex dependencies is another. M/Workbench has been optimized for this task – and for the people who work with it.


Content Composition

The power of a CCM system In communication and it ultimately always comes down to the relevant content. How to exploit all available sources, how to configure and compose it according to the situation, is something M/TEXT has more than 40 years of experience in, and it pays off.

We’ve got the solution for you!

Leading in Output Management

High-performance output management that can be seamlessly integrated into any ecosystem: We would be happy to show you how to use our products to fit your situation exactly.

Case Study

Serie M/ in state-of-the-art container technology at Raiffeisen Swiss.

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