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Successful customer communication to come from Salesforce

The Customer Communication Management (CCM) System Series M/ enhances your Salesforce with professional, targeted customer communication. With this technologically leading system, you establish a secure process through which your Salesforce users create complex and extensive documents such as offers, contracts, individual correspondence, etc. within seconds and send them via the desired channel.

How does it work?

The Series M/ receives all relevant data from Salesforce, inserts it into the centrally maintained templates, puts it into the appropriate format and automatically starts the dispatch process. If individual editing is required, the user adapts the content in the intuitive TONIC Editor. In both cases, the Series M/ ultimately ensures that the customer communication reaches the recipient via the appropriate channel.

The benefits of a modern CCM for Salesforce customers

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Higher productivity

  • System-controlled data supply. The relevant data is automatically transferred from Salesforce – manual effort is eliminated.
  • Time savings and efficiency. Predefined templates save users an enormous amount of time when creating and formatting written customer communications.
  • Secure user guidance. The M/TEXT TONIC editor guides and supports users in creating content and communication.
    Automated dispatch. To finalize, the user simply selects the desired output channel (print, portal, e-mail,…), and the system automatically controls the dispatch.
  • Automated dispatch. For finalizing, the user simply selects the desired output channel (print, portal, e-mail,…), the system controls the dispatch automatically.
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Efficient resource use

  • Quickly creating and editing. Design templates using the declarative principle in a WYSIWYG interface – instead of complex HTML coding in Salesforce.
  • Centralized, reusable resources. You minimize the effort involved in making changes and prevent both uncontrolled growth and redundancies.
  • Logic and multilingualism. Both are easy to implement with the specially developed functions of the design tool.
  • Fast response times and time-to-market. With the clever use of resources, you can act flexibly and quickly on the market, even with last-minute changes.
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Process security

  • Control over the creation process. You have the entire document process in your hands – from data acquisition to output, including individual communication.
  • Control over editing. Authorizations assigned by you define permissible editing options and protected areas.
  • Binding corporate design. You can also store the uniform appearance in such a way that users automatically apply it without having to pay particular attention to it.
  • Formally correct appearance. It is additionally supported by functions such as spell checking and hyphenation – in the respective language.

Aren't these promising approaches?

Let’s talk about successful customer communication in the future!

Why choose the CCM solution from kwsoft?

One of kühn & weyh’s corporate principles, which has been successfully practiced for many years, is to concentrate fully on the development and implementation of Customer Communication Management. And that is your advantage. Because with the connection of the M/ series to Salesforce, you not only have the diverse possibilities of a technologically leading CCM system, you also gain a reliable partner for the implementation of the solution tailored to your needs.


  • 40 years of experience in optimizing customer communication. Competent consulting and cooperation based on partnership – this is our proven principle.
  • Whether standard solution or individual requirements – our experienced consultants will find the right solution for you.
  • A top-class partner network expands the range of services offered by M/. In the area of Salesforce, QKom GmbH contributes many years of expertise in Salesforce solutions.


  • Series M/ is an integrated CCM solution from a single source. This means you have all options, from content composition to output management, to optimize your customer communication.
  • Series M/ performs in any work mode: Automated – Interactive – Batch.
  • Multi-client capability and multilingualism lay the foundation for use in internationally structured, differentiated organizations.
  • All Salesforce data is available to you, both custom and standard – plus other external data sources.
  • Available in the cloud and on premise.

Seamless integration

  • As a CCM specialist, we attach great importance to open interfaces and loose coupling, which enables seamless and SOA-compliant integration with Salesforce as well as your existing IT landscape.
  • Get started quickly with Q!TONIC – a preconfigured app that you can put into operation quickly and easily.

Do you already know Q!TONIC?

Produce high-quality customer communication in easily!

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What is the benefit of CCM with the Series M/?

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