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Creating Communication the smart way

For companies that process high volumes of communication, the question is whether they will succeed in meeting the increasing demands of contemporary customer communication. In order to effectively engage with customers and interested parties, communication must not only contain relevant content but it should also reach customers through their preferred media formats. This can be accomplished efficiently with a powerful IT system for Customer Communication Management CCM. The Serie M/ is just the CCM system that can achieve all this.

Serie M/

What are the advantages of the Serie M/?

The advantage Serie M/ has over other products on the market is that itcontrols the entire process chain from commissioning to output. From data transfer to content creation and configuration to optimization and transfer to the output channels. This results in the following advantages:

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Performance and automation

Only those who control the entire document process can optimize and automate it.

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The Serie M/ creates any type of business communication in any mode of operation (individual and mass processing, interactive and system-controlled). It is designed as an enterprise solution that can eliminate isolated applications and consolidate IT landscapes.

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The products/processes are aligned. No conversion is required at any point, so all data for creating high-quality communications is always available for all formats and devices.

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Modern software architecture, mandatory version management, centrally managed and controlled processes, etc. ensure the highest security standards such as seamless archiving of all written customer communication issued with the Serie M/.

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Stability and Technology

Like no other system on the market, the Serie M/ combines 40 years of industry experience with relentless innovation. This makes it the technological market leader in CCM today – SMEs and large corporations alike have relied on it for many years.

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All user interfaces of the system follow modern standards of word processing and are so familiar that users need at most a short briefing to work with it efficiently.

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What does Serie M/ accomplish?

The effort in generating communications that prioritizes the needs of the customers is becoming increasingly complex. The requirements such as having the right content on the right document which is then delivered through the right channel can only be met with a powerful CCM engine. The Serie M/ performs this task with three optimally coordinated modules – making it the central hub of communication and document processing.

The functions of the Serie M/

The Serie M/ is a suite of standard software products for the automated creation of individual customer communications. Customer Communication Management CCM with the Serie M/addresses companies with high communication needs and is designed to generate all forms of written customer communication: Individual texts, mass letters, all types of business documents in both physical and digital formats.

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Content Composition, compilation and configuration of the content intended for the addresse(s).

M/TEXT Server

M/OMS Server



Omni-Channel Output Management, finalization of the prepared content for transfer to the respective output channels (broadcast optimization, rendering, duplication, etc.)



Central resource management and administration of the aforementioned products


Serie M/ - as established as it is modern

Rely on an always up-to-date solution for your CCM

Why Serie M/?

Our goal is to create individual CCM solutions with the right set of configurable Serie M/ products that allow companies to successfully reach customers while providing a successful customer experience. Successful communication is measured by how relevant the content is to the recipient and when it is delivered through the right channel – all the while adhering to corporate design standards.

The products are connected to the leading or downstream processes and systems at the organizational and technical level via interfaces. You can also use M/TEXT and M/OMS independently of each other as stand-alone products, but they achieve their full effectiveness in a joint network.

Serie M/

Serie M/

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