Discontinuation Assentis DocFamily

The solution for your output and customer communication management: kwsoft®.

Support for Assentis DocFamily will end in a few years. So you need to set the course now for a successful migration. With the Serie M/, we have a modern Customer Communication Management system as an alternative for you, which

  • immediately offers you more features than your previous Assentis solution and at the same time
  • keeps you permanently on the technological cutting edge.

Together with our partner companies, we have already successfully carried out numerous migrations from legacy systems to Serie M/. We can also competently and reliably accompany your company in the financial services sector from the old world to the new world of Smart Customer Communication. Here you will find an overview of our general approach.

On the topic of Assentis migration, we have put together a REDpaper for you with further details on the best way to proceed, how to eliminate pain points, and the opportunities that migration offers you.

CCM Migration for Assentis Customers

To avoid having to cover the effort of such a system migration in a single project, many companies rely on a two-phase approach.


Phase 1: Secure operations with foreseeable effort

Carry out a 1:1 migration to ensure ongoing operations as a priority – this way, on the one hand, you keep the required effort within limits and, on the other hand, you won’t fall under time pressure due to the end of support.

This is how we proceed:

  • Based on an automated resource analysis, we find the optimal individual migration path for your company that combines the highest efficiency with the lowest costs. This saves you time and spares you unpleasant surprises. Only we offer this service.
  • Together with our partner network, we support you in the automatic and manual implementation to the extent and with the skills you need.
  • Upstream and downstream processes and systems remain in place and are connected via interfaces.

Even with this “entry-level” solution, you benefit from numerous improvements that the Serie M/ offers you compared to the Assentis DocFamily.

Your advantages:

End-to-end, conversion-free
document processes from creation
to output

More efficiency and agility
in document creation
through central resource maintenance

Flexible data transfer into the base document
through intelligent mapping instead of
rigid linking with the template

High acceptance by users
through WYSIWYG editor

High-performance batch
and background processing
with manageable hardware requirements

You have the choice:
Operation of our solution on-premise
or in the cloud

A practical example:

A few years ago, we replaced Assentis at the largest Swiss retail bank and have since kept the solution up to date with the latest technology at a manageable cost to our customer. For example, in 2021, the successful migration to a container architecture took place. Read the case study here.

The Assentis replacement as an opportunity

How to optimize your customer communications.

Phase 2: CCM migration as an opportunity for optimization

Once you have decided on the Serie M/ in phase 1, you are once again free to make further business decisions. You can start making your customer conversations smarter and fit for current and future requirements without any hurry and in line with your IT strategy or your time and resource planning. With the Serie M/ you always have the option of bringing your customer communications to a contemporary, future-proof level in terms of media, content and technology.

Your options:

  • Use all analog and digital channels of your customer communication in a highly professional manner.
  • Shorten your time-to-market through an optimized solution with high customizability and efficient template development.
  • Take a big step forward in your digitization and elevate your CCM processes to a new digital level.
  • Optimize the use of your hardware resources to minimize costs.
  • Update your customer approach according to the requirements of your target groups.

With the Serie M/ as the hub of your corporate communications, you have all CCM processes under control.

Serie M/
Platform document process mobile

This is kwsoft®, your provider for Customer Communication Management:

  • German provider with extensive expertise in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region, especially in financial services.
  • Decades of experience in our field. We focus exclusively on CCM. Supplementary features can be easily covered via APIs.
  • You can rely on us. We plan for the long term and consistently develop our software to meet the customer communication requirements of the future. This has resulted in many long-term customer relationships.

You can find out more about the kwsoft® company here.

Communication and interaction with customers are decisive factors in competitiveness. Increase the efficiency and quality of your customer communication in the long term and ensure that you also adequately address the demanding customers of tomorrow.

Learn more in our REDpaper. Download it here for free!

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