Our social media principles


Creating, living, and expressing communication opens up new perspectives. Social media offers the possibility of this level of communication. Communication is central to what we do and we work hard every day to ensure that your message comes effectively and efficiently. This also applies to social media, where we can exchange ideas, inform ourselves, advocate for special causes, learn from each other, and share moments with each other. As a basis for this – as in our work environment – mutual respect and tolerant interaction are particularly important to us.

In this sense: only here with constructive criticism

  • constructive criticism,
  • praise 😊,
  • suggestions and hints

Our social media principles

1. #Debates are important to us!

We value and respect different views and opinions. Only when we exchange views can we learn from each other. Critical contributions are therefore part of our communication culture. Of course, human dignity and personal rights must not be violated in the process. We strive to maintain respectful interactions – regardless of the situation – and promote effective exchange.


2. #No tolerance for bullies, stalkers and radicals

We expressly distance ourselves from all activities and statements that discriminate against people, glorify violence, or spread unconstitutional content. Bullies, stalkers, and radicals also have no place on our platforms. We are not afraid to take criminal action against them.


3. #Protection – We protect your data!

We would like to present kwsoft as a brand on the social media platforms and offer all interested parties an insight into our company and an overview of our services. Of course, no personal or company-related data, trade and business secrets and other confidential information will be disclosed or published without the consent of the persons concerned.


4. #Rights of use

kwsoft only uses content that is freely available or for which we own the rights of use.


5. #StandingUpForErrors – Consequences of violations

Content that violates the law or is not desired on our social media platforms will be removed by us. We will report and act against content that does not comply with the principles we stand for.


We always try to answer as soon as possible. But sometimes it can still take a little longer because our team is not so big. Please understand that. And should the error devil creep in: – please let us know! We are happy about attentive and critical readers.


We thank you for your understanding and hope that we will continue to exchange ideas on the social media platforms.
We hope you continue to enjoy our pages!

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