Customer Communication Management – CCM

Communication that reaches the customer


Regardless of the spelling as Customer Communications Management or Customer Communication Management, the CCM concept comprises all components that contribute to operating, organizing and improving a company’s customer-related communication.

In our context, we are primarily concerned with transaction-oriented communication, i.e. communication initiated by a business transaction. ‘Customer Communication Management – CCM’ specifically includes the creation and dispatch of customer messages, correspondence, account statements, invoices, etc. On the one hand, it is necessary to manage the increasing volume of this communication from an organizational and technical point of view, and on the other hand, its quality is becoming increasingly decisive for a well-functioning customer relationship and lasting customer loyalty. This increasingly includes the adequate use of different media in order to actually reach the customer via his preferred paper-based or digital channels.

In addition to the central communication with customers, the approach of Customer Communications Management can be applied just as successfully to communication with partners, dealers, etc.


In order to realize the comprehensive solution claim of Customer Communication Management, numerous data sources and information must be integrated and suitable document processes defined. Today, these functions are usually covered by many different independent systems, which must be combined to form a homogeneous solution.

  • Data Management
    Provision, extraction, transformation, analysis, business intelligence, CRM etc.
  • Document creation and composition
    Create rule-based individualized documents based on differentiated customer data
  • Archiving
    all outgoing mail is indexed and stored under system control
  • Output management
    Paper documents: print management, postage and dispatch optimization, postal routes etc.
  • Digital media:
    secure e-mail connection, optimization for mobile media, portals etc.
  • Documentation, evaluation, customer-specific tools
    Closed Loop, document tracking, statistics etc.

Customer Communication Management with Series M/

With the central product components document creation and output management, the Series M/ is one of the software systems that cover the core functions of the CCM. This means that the entire document process from creation to output is in the hands of a single consistent system. The advantage is that the required data and metadata are inserted into the document largely system-controlled and can be interpreted in the output management system OMS without further conversion or interface.

One of the development principles of Series M/ is the focus on optimizing the core tasks of document creation and output management.  Special tasks from upstream and downstream processes such as input and print management, statistics or similar are left to expert systems. The Series M/ offers numerous standard interfaces to integrate such systems seamlessly into the process flow.

Thus, according to the best-of-breed strategy, functionally comprehensive, company-wide overall solutions can be built up, which enable a contemporary, individual customer approach to any extent.

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