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levigo solutions GmbH specializes in document management and, with the jadice product family, offers Java components for the electronic management, distribution, processing, archiving and display of documents. With the OUTPUT ORGANIZER product family, levigo supplies components that can be integrated into document processes and work seamlessly with the Serie M/ products.



Simple Multi Format Viewing

levigo’s document viewing solution not only makes it possible to display documents quickly, reliably and in the highest quality in their logical context, but also to ensure that clerks can edit them within the scope of their authorizations. This also includes adding information such as notes, editing notes, arrows and highlighting or redaction.

Reliable analysis and further processing

The jadice server products for server-side processing of data streams are characterized by their flexibility and performance, so that fully automatic recognition of formats is possible – even with compressed files such as ZIP or complex formats such as complete mail data streams. Only with jadice products do you have the simple option of unpacking and analyzing this data on the server side and subjecting it to various pre-processing operations depending on the content. The four-eyes principle in incoming documents is consistently adhered to. The results achieved are perfectly suited for further processing in classic input processes, as they guarantee uniform file formats and consistently high data quality.

Output Organzier


Requirement-driven provision of data

The Output Organizer is a solution for the optimal provision of information from various data sources. It is designed to enable seamless integration into downstream applications, whether by clerks or dark processing. With simple integration, adaptation to corporate CI and multi-format capability, the Output Organizer offers a wide range of functions for an optimal work process. Experience the future of intelligent document preparation with the Output Organizer – for smooth integration, secure processes and needs-based information provision.

Powerful features:

  • Integration of the software:
    The Output Organizer is effortlessly integrated into your application landscape and is easily accessible via an application portal. The REST API enables links with applications of different architectures and origins.
  • Data protection and security:
    The Output Organizer ensures maximum data protection by redacting relevant passages manually or with assistance.
  • Format diversity:
    With the Output Organizer, you can display a variety of data formats as soon as the file is read, resulting in extremely fast display times. The standard delivery supports many formats, and the modular structure makes it easy to add additional formats.
  • Handling of data:
    The Output Organizer does not require its own data storage for documents. Its temporary data storage protects against manipulation and unauthorized forwarding. Once the process has been completed, the result is transferred to the respective subsequent process.
  • User-oriented user interface:
    Operating concepts developed in close cooperation with clerks and ergonomics experts facilitate practical application and close the gap in user-oriented data provision.

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