inSign GmbH is an IT service provider based in Marzling near Munich. The inSign software solution has enabled the legally compliant electronic signing of documents since 2011 and has been continuously developed since then. inSign meets all the requirements of the relevant EU and EEA regulations and directives and is used throughout Europe. The cooperation with kwsoft® enables fully digital communication with customers. This means that documents no longer have to be printed out and signed on paper. With inSign, signatures can be easily obtained digitally, e.g. on a smartphone or tablet, regardless of time and place and in an environmentally friendly manner.


Server location Germany

The inSign software solution has been successful on the market for over 10 years and scores particularly well when it comes to data protection. The software is developed and operated in Germany. No data is transferred to third countries.

Comprehensive and yet easy to use

inSign offers a wide range of functions over and above the actual signature. For example, the document can be provided with corresponding form fields before signing. Serial processes, approval processes and many other functions make inSign a powerful software solution.

Name entry via keyboard, handwritten signature (biometric)
or certificate-based signature

Various signature methods are available for signing in accordance with eIDAS and ZertES. For example, the user can choose between a keyboard signature, a biometric signature and a certificate-based signature. An advanced electronic signature is created by default. However, a qualified electronic signature can also be integrated if required.

Proof of origin and protection against manipulation

In addition to electronic signatures, inSign also supports electronic seals. An electronic seal is used to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents.

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