Continuous address maintenance – the basis for successful customer contact

Output Management System M/OMS supports “Premiumadress” of Deutsche Post.

A service offered by Deutsche Post for digital address maintenance

In the case of letters, mailings or press mail, the address data is checked by the delivery staff on site, digitized, compared with current databases and updated with the help of electronic address information.

The process is essentially based on a data matrix code that is applied to the shipment as part of shipment preparation – using M/OMS. It contains all the information that decides on the further procedure in case of undeliverability.

  • How should undeliverable items be handled?
    Destruction, forwarding or return.
  • To which address should the shipments be returned?
  • To whose hands should the records containing the corrected
    recipient addresses are sent?
  • Customer number and customer status.

All this information is available at the time of shipment and can thus be automatically applied to the shipment using M/OMS as a (possibly extended data matrix).

More info about the Premiumadress process.

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