The first choice for health insurers for CCM

Seven of the eight leading public health insurance companies use series M/ for their customer communications.

Let’s assume you are a member of a public health insurance (GKV) and I offer you the following bet:
Without knowing anything else about you, I’ll tell you on the top of my head what system your cash register uses to generate the letters, the faxes, the emails, the SMS, the PDF forms, etc. that you receive from it! That wouldn’t be a surefire bet, but it would be a fair one, because my chances of winning would be about 50% if I said “…. with the series M/”.

This is because 7 of the 8 largest public health insurance companies in Germany use series M/ for their customer communication or Customer Communication Management (CCM). And these 7 cover about half of the 57 million SHI members. The remaining 28.5 million are taken care of by about 100 other health insurers that use very different systems for their CCM.

This means: that series M/ is by far the leading CCM system in this market and thus the outstanding key player. For the largest public health insurance companies, series M/ has proven itself (often for many years) and now serves about half of the market.

The underlying statistics were recently published by the trade magazine, the figures come from the industry information portal; they refer to 2019 and are reliable – bet?

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