Modern customer communication with SAP for Insurance

Increasing demands on customer communication

Insurance companies using SAP today often find themselves in a similar position. They serve many end customers with ever-increasing expectations of customer communications that exceed the capabilities of the print solutions integrated in SAP.

This is because developments in the field of customer communication in recent years have brought both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, digitalization means that communication channels such as e-mail and customer portals are gaining ground, and on the other, insurance companies are faced with the challenge of reaching different generations with different preferences.

The result: isolated solutions

To do justice to this, companies – often historically grown – fall back on several systems. In addition to SAP technologies (e.g., SAPscript and Smart Forms), other text and output management systems are usually in use. This results in heterogeneous IT system landscapes with several isolated solutions, for instance one system for batch processing and another for interactive creation.

Ensuring a consistent appearance across all systems requires a high level of maintenance which is often accompanied by high costs. In addition, the employees must be equipped with complex,system-specific know-how for the different solutions.The impact of missing interfaces between the systems prevents a smooth flow of communication processes.

SAP for Insurance with the Serie M/ and msg

Harmonization of communication from SAP

Together with our partner msg we offer a solution to escape this scenario and successfully design customer communication around SAP, or other equivalent solutions. The basis for this is a unique combination of professional know-how through years of experience in the insurance industry and the technical expertise to integrate the CCM system Serie M/ in SAP.

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    Unification of outputs

The solution is obvious: One central system for all processes. The Serie M/ offers the potential to handle mass jobs with high performance, to design individual correspondence efficiently, and at the same time to ensure full flexibility in the output channels. To take advantage of these capabilities from within SAP, we have developed a standardized method together with msg to enable modern customer communication from SAP-based insurance specialist systems.

To ensure that these capabilities can also be exploited from within SAP, we have developed a standardized method together with msg to enable modern customer communication from SAP-based insurance specialist systems.

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    Interactive document composition

The M/TEXT TONIC Editor offers completely new possibilities for creating individual correspondence from SAP. The existing data is transferred from SAP to the Serie M/ and dynamically supplemented by the end user with the help of the functions of the modern HTML5 editor. This not only saves an enormous amount of time compared to conventional methods using Word templates or copy & paste, but it also can ensure process security by configuring the editor and authorization settings.

  • Less maintenance required

Systems are often only as good as the people who operate them, and this requires specific know-how. Often times, this knowledge is distributed among a few heads, especially when several dated systemsare involved. To get around this, the Serie M/ with the TONIC product line enables simple template creation and maintenance. If desired, msg can take over these tasks for you with “output@msg”. For this purpose, there are more than 50 trained specialists in Serie M/ who are certified in TONIC.

  • Future proof

The S/4HANA transformations are currently causing uncertainty among many SAP customers. This makes it more important to use a solution that can be relied on. The integration of the Serie M/ into the SAP for Insurance Suite is based on the standardized jump-off point of the print workbench. This means that extension points can be used modification-free and release-proof under SAP ERP and S/4HANA.

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    Traceability and monitoring

Instead of working according to the SAP principle of “fire and forget”, with the integration of the Serie M/ you gain the ability to track the status of your communication.

At the same time, using a central output management system for all customer communications increases traceability for all of your company’s output channels.

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    Layout flexibility and reliability

Customer communication is the flagship of your company and must therefore be easy to understand and appealing. To ensure this and preparation for future specifications from marketing, the Serie M/ offers a much-needed flexibility in template design.

The high degree of reusability in the template design reduces the response time for changes and the time-to-market process for new products.

creating communication

Architecture and interface

With the connection of the Serie M/ and the integration of the TONIC client in SAP via the procedure developed by msg, the standard interfaces of the SAP insurance modules (FS-CD, FS-PM, …) and those of the Serie M/ are harmonized.

The modern SAP-based API and the consistent pursuit of a service-oriented approach make the connection and thus your customer communication future proof.

“We have already been working closely with kwsoft® on various projects for many years. In view of this very good previous cooperation in the area of output management and the current market demand, a strategic partnership between msg and kwsoft® is a logical conclusion for us.”

Axel Stein – Business Unit Manager, Solution Consulting, msg

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