Use case fileee

fileee for kwsoft®

The idea:
Sustainable and digital customer communication

A world without paperwork, that is what our partner fileee has written on its banner. And we are now a big step closer to this goal with the „fileee for kwsoft“ solution developed jointly by fileee and kühn & weyh. Because it enables the central maintenance of all company documents and the secure storage of digital documents with the recipient. While Serie M/ generates individual and customer-specific documents from raw data, fileee offers the possibility to make them available in a digital mailbox. The fileee for kwsoft® solution thus combines the advantages of both systems and offers you the possibility to optimise and digitalise communication with your customers quickly and easily.

The ideal use case:
The (mobile) employee portal

In addition to using fileee for kwsoft® as a customer portal, the solution is ideal as a (mobile) employee portal. When communicating with the most important asset of a company, the employee, one document inevitably arises: the payroll. It is characterised by the fact that it must be sent to the employee regularly, securely and as conveniently as possible. In addition, more and more companies are moving away from the traditional postal service towards digital delivery in order to reduce paper consumption, save on printing and postage costs and make delivery more convenient for employees. fileee for kwsoft® offers you a process that meets all these requirements:

  1. The payroll run is started as usual from SAP HCM, but instead of starting the printing process, the raw data is transferred to Serie M/ in the form of an XML via the web service interface. Incidental status or control data are reported back to SAP.
  2. Serie M/ subsequently generates the payroll in the design you have specified from the raw data and transfers it to the fileee employee portal, where it is digitally available to the employees. At the same time, the documents are stored securely and automatically in the archive system.

The advantages:

With fileee for kwsoft®, you can flexibly design the process according to your wishes:

  • Individualise the layout and content of the documents as you wish, without having to rely on SAP templates or complicated customising.
  • Send the documents securely and digitally to your employees. For the initial activation of the employee portal, you can choose from different variants such as an e-mail invitation with two-factor authentication or the sending of an activation letter.
  • Expand the offer in the employee portal with additional HR documents or a feedback channel to the HR department.

In addition to flexibility, security also plays a decisive role, which is why the highest security and data protection standards are met and 100% DSGVO compliance is guaranteed.