Use case eprimo

eprimo‘s customer portal

The challenge:
“More customer. Less costs.”

At eprimo, the guiding principle is: maintain more intensive customer communication and save costs at the same time. And this is not just a fine-sounding slogan, but a serious commitment. Therefore, it was hardly surprising that the introduction of a Customer Communication Management system (CCM) also focused on this corporate goal. But how is this supposed to work – more customer contact at lower costs?

The decision:
The Serie M/ should do the trick

In a multi-stage tender and selection process, the Serie M/ proved to be the most suitable system. Among other things, because it includes SAP integration as standard, masters all physical and digital output channels, can be integrated into the existing IT landscape according to SOA standards and offers the entire process chain from document creation to output from a single source. The new CCM offers all the necessary functions and acts as a platform for controlling and evaluating the document processes involved. For example, the flexible customer- or event-related output of documents on digital or physical output media.

The result:

  1. Serie M/ creates all documents resulting from the customer relationship (mass printing and individual letters) and stores them in the document archive.
  2. Customers decide for themselves in which form they would like to receive their documents. For customers who participate in the digital process, Serie M/ sends an e-mail notification after successful archiving that new documents are available in the personal eprimo portal. If the customer does not access the documents within 3 days, Serie M/ automatically sends a reminder.
  3. If invoices are not collected within 7 days, the printing process is initiated and the invoice is sent by post.

The advantages:

  • Enormous time savings due to elimination of postal routes
  • Secure storage and optimal availability in the portal
  • Contribution to environmental protection: no printing, no paper, no transport
  • Significant cost savings that benefit the customer

The campaign has been so successful that the number of participants has doubled in each of the first two years and continues to rise. As a result, printing and mailing costs have already dropped by about 20%.

More than just a side effect

With the Serie M/, eprimo has gained new design options from SAP. The ambitious energy service provider uses them to improve the quality of its customer communication: Individually appealing, easy-to-understand documents that appear consistently in the company‘s corporate design – on digital as well as classic channels.