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S&N Invent is a nationwide IT company with a comprehensive service portfolio across the entire value chain of the IT lifecycle, from consulting and software development to managed services. The company develops solutions together with its customers, implements projects and thus creates digital added value.

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Cloud Services

Successfully operating a CCM solution such as Serie M/ in the cloud is associated with new requirements. Infrastructure, scaling, cost control and compliance play just as much a role as the right choice of managed services offerings for the respective use case. Many new possibilities are becoming available, e.g. in the areas of monitoring, logging and storage management.

As an S&N Invent customer, you benefit from the best possible cloud operation – thanks to the company’s many years of experience in the managed service of CCM solutions, the SaaS approach for its own products and the cloud-certified employees in the area of Google Cloud. S&N Invent also offers comprehensive operating solutions for kwsoft® products in particular.

Cloud Migration

The advantages of cloud solutions have been recognized in the market. Many companies have recognized the trend and are migrating their applications to the cloud. As a certified Google Cloud Partner, S&N Invent is in a position to successfully support you on your journey to the cloud. S&N Invent can look back on successful customer projects in various sectors, from financial services to retail. Whether solution architect or DevOps engineer, at S&N Invent you will find a broad spectrum of knowledge on all hyperscalers as well as on-premise RedHat OpenShift solutions.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching plays a central role in agile transformation processes in companies. Our Agile Coaches support you in establishing an agile working environment by accompanying and coaching individual employees, complete teams and entire organizations in this complex change process.

Agile Transformation

Agile transformation means changing existing procedures or processes in a team, a department or an entire organization so that their flexibility and responsiveness increases in order to adapt quickly to changing requirements. A successful transition requires management commitment as well as the acceptance and participation of all stakeholders. Our consultants support this process with many years of experience.

Architecture Consulting

Software architecture in the project does not exist on its own, but is embedded in the enterprise context. The architecture supports the strategic goals and fits into the enterprise architecture and the general development planning. How do you come to software architecture decisions?

  • How do you choose the right technology and methods?
  • How do expertise and technology come together in the architecture?
  • Which documentation brings long-term benefits?
  • There are different opinions on each of these questions, which have to be taken into account for the software architecture and the functional architecture. Our consultants will be happy to help you identify clues for making the right decision.

Test Automation

In agile software development, the demands on the software grow very quickly. Testing has to keep up at this point. Our test automation consultants analyze your test process and investigate the potential of test automation. A test automation strategy is developed that takes developer tests, integration tests and system tests into account in an appropriate manner.

Project Management

We understand agile methods as a way to accelerate project management, to upgrade existing structures – for example waterfall organizations – and to realize project plans in a much more flexible way. Our specialists have many years of experience in the introduction, management and coaching as well as implementation in various corporate structures and industries and also in large CCM projects with holistic responsibility.

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