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semantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH employs an interdisciplinary team of programmers, linguists, text scientists and psychologists to develop web and text technologies to optimize large text collections.

In more concrete terms, this means that a large number of text templates are analyzed, optimized and consolidated – often as part of migration projects. The goal is to better structure the usually extensive volume of content and thus make it more manageable and understandable. This also includes professional editing work and the concrete improvement of voice quality in terms of clarity, comprehensibility and friendliness. These measures have a direct impact on improved customer communication: Inquiries and complaints decrease, and customer satisfaction increases. Another field of work in this area of Customer Communications Management CCM is the planning and preparation of new communication channels such as portals, apps, SMS or responsive or interactive media.

The kwsoft consulting team successfully uses semantics analysis and editing tools for document analysis, e.g. to improve and accelerate the specification process for document templates.


Language services of semantics

Our language services are based on expert knowledge of rhetoric and action theory. They replace questions of taste with significant criteria and lead to more comprehensible and successful corporate language in a multi-stage, proven process.   

In the process, we increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce demand and complaint rates, and ultimately lower processing costs.

  1. Text analysis
    On the basis of an exemplary set of texts, we analyze your text inventory. In the process, any existing core problems are identified and a suggested course of action is developed. Existing language guidelines, dictionaries, etc. can also be taken into account in this step. In addition to our in-house expertise, our cooperation partner, the Institute of Linguistics and Communication Sciences at RWTH Aachen University, can also be involved on request and provide an official expert opinion.  
  1. Specialist concept
    We lay down the procedure in a technical concept to be adopted jointly. We define the roles and responsibilities involved as well as the concrete focus for the project.  
  1. Language guideline
    Linguistic optimization can only be effective and successful if the goal is clearly defined and the fulfillment criteria are known. Based on the results of the document analysis and taking into account our concepts and experience, we jointly develop your language guideline. Depending on the target group, this will be delivered in different forms, e.g. as a guideline or checklist.
  1. Text optimization
    In the best case, text optimization takes place after your specific language guideline has been drawn up. However, even without such a guideline, a revision is possible and leads to a significant increase in comprehensibility and customer appeal. Optimization can be done with or without feedback, entirely by us or in cooperation with your staff. The latter scenario, which is highly recommended, is accompanied by training and then has more of a workshop character.  
  1. Language training
    Our language training courses expand the certainly existing good feeling for language of your colleagues responsible for text with scientific, linguistic basics. With a high practical component, we jointly revise in-house texts and enable your employees to precisely implement your company-specific guidelines and explain them to other people involved, so that an autonomous further development of your corporate language becomes possible. 

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