The efficient portfolio management system for life and property/casualty insurers

With msg.PIA (Primary Insurance Application) our partner msg offers a mature, process-supported all-line-of-business solution that impresses with its uniform, process-oriented interfaces and ease of use and enables flexible, efficient inventory management. msg.PIA offers the option of using SAP-based standard solutions such as SAP Business Partner and FS-CD.

Together with our partner msg systems, we generated three documents for the insurance portfolio management software msg.PIA in a very short time:

  • Confirmation of Insurance
  • Custom Letter with Text Modules
  • Confirmation Claim Payment


Rapid implementation

Fast incorporation

Fixed and Interactive Documents

SAP Integration

Good collaboration

Solution to go into serial production

The project 

For the insurance portfolio management software msg.PIA, three typical documents for the insurance industry were generated and connected with little budget and in a very short time. The documents are triggered in msg.PIA from various business transactions and the data is transferred to kwsoft via web service. Dark processed documents go directly via the predefined path to the end customer, one document (unrestricted letter) can still be edited manually in the kwsoft workbench, optionally with the use of text modules.

What was intended as a prototype quickly won over msg.PIA’s existing customers throughout Europe. The solution has thus qualified as a “member of the msg.PIA Suite” and is now to go into series production.   


The Collaboration

The collaboration between msg systems and kwsoft was great fun for everyone involved, both professionally and personally: everyone learned a lot from each other and was amazed at the quick successes. We are looking forward to the next joint project! 

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Tabea Tischler