HanseMerkur – Case Study

Migration of the entire HanseMerkur letter template inventory

The goal of the project was the migration of the entire letter template inventory of HanseMerkur from M/TEXT 4 to M/TEXT 6. The system had grown historically and was correspondingly complex. Therefore, an in-depth analysis by the interdisciplinary team of HanseMerkur developers and the dydocon experts was necessary both in the run-up and during the implementation. It showed that a consolidation was urgently needed. With the migration project managed by dydocon, the quality and functionality of the templates as well as the maintainability for the module developers could be improved.

  • 2500 Letter Templates
  • 5 Divisions
  • Color printing
  • M/TEXT to M/TEXT 6.9
  • PDF embedding
  • Connection of external software components

The Partner

Since 2000 dydocon supports its customers in output management projects, since 2010 as an official partner of kwsoft.
dydocon consultants are excellent computer scientists, who can be used in projects in a versatile way and have excellent communication skills. As a long-standing partner of kwsoft, dydocon has experienced experts for the entire product range of kwsoft.


The Project

When migrating the letter templates to M/TEXT 6 across all companies and divisions of HanseMerkur, the goal was not only to connect the various upstream systems and data sources to a uniform document client, but also to achieve added value through expanded functionality and simpler usability while improving maintainability. For this reason, the templates were revised, merged and provided with new functions such as the enrichment of specialist data and the attachment of external documents or images via drag & drop.

“The consultants from dydocon supported us throughout the entire duration of this complex project. With their in-depth product know-how, their broad IT knowledge and their communication skills, they played a significant role in the success of the project.”

Patrick Bublies, System Manager for M/TEXT and IT Coordinator Migration Project


Throughout the project, kwsoft provided the dydocon consultants and the customer employees with their expertise for all support requests and assisted them with complex issues. It was also possible to introduce new customer employees to the project team through the M/TEXT training courses.

The Solution

As a result of the migration, HanseMerkur now has a future-proof output management system – based on modern IT infrastructures. This has already been demonstrated by the rapid implementation of requirements from other projects.

The new M/TEXT version enabled the integration of many new functions, such as the use of company-wide forms embedded as PDF documents in the templates, or the connection of external software components such as the Jadice Viewer from levigo, a multi-format viewer for document display. Among other things, these innovations significantly improved the user experience.


dydocon is an independent output management consulting company with locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2000, dydocon has been supporting its customers in output management projects, since 2010 as an official partner of kwsoft.


dydocon pays attention to quality when selecting its employees: in addition to the above-mentioned strengths in technical as well as communicative aspects, we train our employees in a well-founded manner and provide them with continuous further training.


  • Document Programming
  • Migration of Legacy Systems
  • System Implementation
  • Software Development
  • Systemanalyse and Performance Tuning

As a long-standing partner of kwsoft, dydocon has experienced experts for the entire kwsoft product range. Additionally, project managers or certified scrum masters are provided upon request.