EasyFlow Partner Solution

Simplifying workflow-based design of M/TEXT documents

What is EasyFlow?

The administration and resource development of M/TEXT templates requires not only technical and product knowledge, but also knowledge in the use of the development tool Eclipse and software versioning. In addition, resource and document development is usually integrated into a company-specific process of requirement – implementation – test – release – go-live. This in turn is controlled by task management tools or ticket systems such as GIT or Jira. Consolidating these interfaces is therefore extremely helpful for the user.

EasyFlow from S&N Invent ensures that functional elements of these workflow systems are integrated into the document development with M/Workbench. Realized as an Eclipse plugin, EasyFlow thus extends the functionality of the design tool M/Workbench, which is also based on Eclipse, and thus simplifies the work processes for the user:

  • Concise user navigation based on the status of the tickets in M/Workbench.
  • Take on complex functions that typically require specialized IT knowledge of software development processes (e.g., pull, push, merge).
  • Seamless integration of document development into the ticket system Jira (document development process) and GIT version management (merge and deployment)

Overview of the order backlog

EasyFlow provides an overview of pending job tickets in M/Workflow

  • The administrator simply selects a task from the Jira pool to edit.
  • When completing this task, he can concentrate entirely on the technical and content-related aspects, for which he has the familiar Workbench functions at his disposal.
  • After completing their task, they pass it on for testing.
  • The project setup in M/Workbench and the required merge and deploy processes are fully automated.
  • The plugin works independently in the background with Jira and the GIT repositories and also sets the corresponding status in Jira.

For the administrator, this means that he can concentrate fully on the implementation of the technical requirements, because EasyFlow takes over the necessary booking and control processes such as checkout, merge or deployment in the workflow systems.

Process Control

The processes themselves are modeled in Jira – including all functions available there such as

  • Roles and rights
  • Error handling
  • Conflict resolution

EasyFlow is based on the feature-based (-driven) development principle.


The Eclipse Plugin EasyFlow from our partner S&N Invent is an extremely helpful integration tool that makes work at the interface between task management systems and M/Workbench easier and more transparent. Because EasyFlow

  • takes over important functions of the task control within the M/Workbench interface
  • enables intuitive, clear user guidance that promotes quality and ensures revision reliability
  • saves the user specific knowledge of software development and versioning
  • relieves the administrator, who can concentrate fully on technical and content-related tasks
  • supports Jira processes according to the Feature Driven Development principle in the context of agile software development

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