For over 20 years, dydocon has been a leading consultancy for output management and customer communication management. With locations and on-site services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, dydocon’s experienced team of experts supports the largest European companies in their migration projects. Since 2010, dydocon has been an official partner of kwsoft® and has developed into a very important partner through trustful cooperation.

dydocon employees are characterized by their comprehensive knowledge of the entire kwsoft® product range. The vast majority of the consultants are certified by kwsoft®. As experienced experts with many years of project experience, they also have the necessary technical know-how for dealing with the company’s legacy systems. During the project phase, they provide active support in analyzing the legacy system and its operation. They also take on a wide range of tasks in the field of output management, from simple script programming to complex project management.


Great product expertise

dydocon offers extensive knowledge and skills in dealing with the kwsoft® product range and is therefore your reliable partner for customizing or migration projects.

High quality and efficiency

dydocon supports the implementation of output management and CCM projects with technical expertise and in-depth domain knowledge of business processes and customer needs.

Extensive knowledge in the CCM environment

dydocon is the partner for efficient DOPiX migration through consultants with in-depth DOPiX know-how and many years of experience and support in the migration and integration of CCM systems.

Optimal data for preparation

dydoconnect takes data from existing systems and converts it for configurable target systems. The data can be designed dynamically, using a template engine and data-driven, so that subsequent systems can accept the data directly and consistently.

End2End control of the entire document workflow

dydocontrol ensures end-to-end document tracking across the entire process chain. From the time of delivery from inventory systems (correspondence order) to the final delivery to the recipient, whether via e-mail, portal, print and postal dispatch or other dispatch channels.

Generation of test data for every need

dydoconjure makes it possible to meet the growing demand for high-quality test data and mock data in software development and other areas. Test data for a wide range of test cases can be created within minutes and “at the push of a button”:

Quality assurance for migration

dydocontrast is an application that enables the textual comparison of PDF files. This allows documents created with the new CCM system to be quickly and reliably compared with documents from the previous CCM system.

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