Document creation and document output from SAP HCM


Lower costs & more flexibility for your payroll from SAP HCM 

Do you also lack the necessary flexibility when delivering payroll from SAP HCM? Only if you can flexibly choose between analog and/or digital output, the cost savings of digital delivery can be used immediately. For this reason, kwsoft and its partner actum developed a solution that allows you to individually design the delivery of payrolls from SAP according to your requirements.

  • Direct connection to SAP HCM 
  • Fast implementation through a preconfigured interface  
  • SAP certified solution 
  • Gain control and flexibility in the process  
  • Connect SAP to the full-featured CCM system Series M/ 
  • The solution remains in the SAP standard  
  • Omnichannel output – you determine how delivery takes place  
  • Digital delivery brings considerable cost savings  
  • Easy expansion with portal solutions such as fileee  


Seamless Integration in

In order to take advantage of the capabilities of a CCM solution such as the Series M/ from SAP, the systems must communicate with each other. The ZENOS adapter makes this possible by taking over the determination of the data and process control. ZENOS can dive deep into the SAP standard and populate payroll forms accordingly through structured reading, mapping, formatting and processing. The technical optimization through load distribution (on-the-fly / dynamic), the creation of work packages that can be processed with high performance, as well as process monitoring and control make the whole a well-rounded solution.

Process Control – Omnichannel

Accustomed process – new possibilities

The joint solution from kwsoft and actum creates new possibilities, but remains within the SAP standard and does not change the previous SAP process. Payroll is started as usual from SAP HCM with the payroll program: The desired standard communication type is stored in the employee’s master data or in a central location in SAP. But instead of starting the printing process as before, ZENOS transfers the data to Series M/. This gives you complete control over further processing.

Which channel would you like?

With the Series M/, kwsoft offers you all the possibilities of a modern CCM system. You decide how the delivery takes place:

  • Handover to a print service provider,
  • print via the internal printing line,
  • digital output to a portal
  • or a combination of these paths.

With the Series M/, you can optimize the paper-based process or simply switch to digital dispatch. Digital dispatch in particular offers enormous potential savings compared to printing, enveloping and franking in-house.

Savings Potential

Take advantage of the savings potential of sending HR documents digitally!

Through the connection of the central CCM solution Series M/ implemented with ZENOS, the payroll process from SAP gains enormous flexibility. The omnichannel capability of Series M/ ensures that the payrolls and, if necessary, other documents from the HR area are delivered to the employee via the desired channels. Take advantage of the cost-saving potential of secure and cost-effective delivery, for example via our partner product fileee. A medium-term cost reduction of 50% is quite feasible for customers above a certain size.

Payrolls are often confusingly structured, yet your employees want to quickly record the information that is important to them. Series M/ allows you to dispense with complex form development in SAP and instead create forms with appropriate visualization quickly and easily. The templates used can be adapted without great effort, even in the event of last-minute changes.

In addition to payroll, the solution can also be used for other HR documents such as social security notifications, onboarding forms, or employment contracts.