34digital is a company specializing in correspondence solutions and sees itself as a pioneer in the use of state-of-the-art methods and tools. 34digital develops and supports these correspondence solutions in the context of digitized communication for insurance companies, administrations, financial service providers and public utilities. 34digital attaches particular importance to supporting its customers during implementation and empowering the employees involved on the customer side to help shape and continuously improve the solution.

One focus of 34digital’s work is the development of robust frameworks, powerful tools, mass-produced templates, automated test procedures, meaningful text statistics and contemporary training.

As a project partner of kwsoft®, 34digital has well-trained and TONIC-certified employees for the implementation of M/TEXT TONIC projects. They can draw on many years of professional experience in the specialist departments of insurance companies, banks, administrations and the energy industry. They advise the customer’s specialist departments on the specification and implementation of document templates on an equal footing.


Solution with transparent fixed prices

RapidM offers a holistic solution for the technical migration of document templates. This significantly reduces the workload of the specialist departments. Technical migration with RapidM is extremely efficient thanks to a reduced coordination effort and series production for templates. The solution includes transparent fixed prices and enables savings of up to 80% in time and costs.

Qualitative and efficient

The 34digtial Template Factory offers efficient and high-quality template development with transparent pricing for the migration of large template inventories. Template development is based on the principles of series production and is carried out using agile methods.

Vorlagenanpassungen einfach beurteilen

With TextStats customers receive a timely overview of the key factors of their correspondence solution. In the medium term, TextStats enables them to measure the effects of improvement measures and to optimize accordingly. The mapping of trends shows the impact of template adjustments.

For a smooth migration

An intensive examination of the topic of quality assurance and in particular the possibilities of test automation is essential for a speedy migration. The particular challenge is to achieve very good template quality and at the same time significantly reduce the testing effort in the specialist department, in template development and in framework development.

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