Series M/ meets BPM

The cooperation of Camunda GmbH with kwsoft connects two partners that perfectly complement each other in terms of software technology and functionality. The aim is to integrate document creation and output management processes quickly and efficiently into business processes.

Camunda’s central product is Camunda BPM, an open source platform for business process management, i.e. the design and control of business processes. Camunda BPM is based on Java architecture and is therefore developer-friendly and perfectly suited for modern IT environments. The Camunda Engine uses standards such as BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation) and DMN (Decision Model and Notation) to automate processes.

Series M/ as an output management system with integrated document creation is responsible for both digital and paper-based customer communication. In concrete terms, this means documents that are individually tailored to the customer and delivered to them via their preferred channels. Series M/ is also based on Java architecture, uses open source tools, relies on market-proven standards such as XML or web services, and offers a comprehensive interface concept for integration into higher-level processes.

This closes the circle to Camunda BPM, which, as a process control system, forwards incoming orders for document creation to the document services of the M/ series. This processes the tasks in a rule-based manner and provides the desired results, such as optimized print files for processing in the mail line, PDF documents for the customer portal, statistical data for evaluation in the business intelligence tool, and so on. Joint customers are already using this close technical and functional connection, which can be loosely coupled according to SOA standards so that full flexibility is maintained.

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