NEW: fileee for kwsoft

Digital document delivery

“fileee for kwsoft” is the name of the new solution for automatic dispatch and secure storage of digital documents at the recipient’s site. It is a result of the partnership between kwsoft and fileee GmbH and works as follows:
Series M/ produces the documents as usual, which are then transferred (via M/OMS) to the fileee interface. Using a unique identification key, the system recognizes the recipient’s identity and mailbox and delivers the documents digitally.

A straightforward and secure digital solution that offers customers added value that they can experience immediately on their smartphone or desktop. For the end customer, the P.O. box is free of charge and he has full power of disposal over which companies are authorized to send him digital documents to which only he has access. With the add-on tool “fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl”, the mailbox can be expanded into a communication and service portal that can be used to map customer service processes digitally with AI support.

We are committed to sustainable digital customer communication

For series M/ customers, fileee for kwsoft offers a simple extension of their existing customer portal or a quick entry into digital customer communication – from creation to the end customer’s mailbox.

“live in five” – reaching your goal quickly and safely

Over the years, fileee GmbH from Münster has established a stable platform that meets the highest security and data protection standards, is 100% DSGVO-compliant and is used by well-known financial service providers. For the realization you do not have to start a large-scale project, on the contrary. With the fileee starter kit “live in five” it is possible to set up a digital on-boarding process for sending documents to your customers within just 5 days.


  • More about features and integration of fileee for kwsoft
  • More about digital Customer Service with ThinkOwl
  • Want to take a look at a specific use case? At the Digital Experts Day 2020, we will present how, for example, an odometer reading query to a customer can be digitized easily and quickly.

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