Cooperation with levigo solutions gmbh

M/TEXT composite documents via drag & drop

Levigo solutions gmbh and kwsoft have entered into a cooperation. Levigo, a specialist for document management, offers with the jadice product family easily implementable Java components for the administration and display of documents, among other things. As part of the OEM partnership, we have integrated the document viewer jadice viewer into M/TEXT. This means that external document formats from the archive, desktop, Office applications, etc. can now be displayed very easily and inserted into the M/TEXT document using drag & drop – even page by page or in a different order.

This makes it very easy for the administrator, for example, to attach the duplicate of a contract from the archive to a letter as part of standard correspondence, or to refer to a document from another process that he or she has attached in this way. The resulting composite documents are processed further in the M/OMS output management system like all others.

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