Multi-Channel, Omni-Channel Management


In the following the most common variants for handling output channels or for channel management.


The in the past almost exclusively practiced output to exactly one channel, usually this was print.


The term originates from marketing and originally referred to as “multichannel sales management” the coordination of different sales channels, for example sales via shops, the field service, a web shop etc. In the context of Customer Communication Management CCM, we understand multi-channel management as the coordination of different output channels and media in the context of customer communication, i.e. multi-channel output in the narrower sense.


Is to be regarded as a specification of the multi-channel, which allows a change of input and output channels. Accordingly, a call or e-mail from the customer can not only trigger a callback or e-mail response, but also, for example, the direct dispatch of documents or a consultation appointment by a customer service representative.


The most up-to-date and sophisticated approach to coordinating all possible communication channels in and out of the company.

Customer Communication Management with Series M/

With the central product components document creation and output management, the Series M/ undoubtedly belongs to the software systems that cover the core functions of the CCM. This means that the entire document process from creation to output is in the hands of a single consistent system. This has the advantage that the necessary data and metadata are inserted into the document largely system-controlled and can be interpreted in the output management system OMS without further conversion or interface.

One of the development principles of the Series M/ is the concentration on the optimization of the core tasks of document creation and output management, while special tasks from upstream and downstream processes such as input and print management, statistics or similar are left to expert systems. The Series M/ offers numerous standard interfaces to integrate such systems seamlessly into the process flow.

Thus, according to the best-of-breed strategy, functionally comprehensive, company-wide overall solutions can be built up, which enable a contemporary, individual customer approach to any extent.

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