Project description

2021 Technological focus on Container architecture

As a result of a fundamental technological decision made in 2016, all applications previously running on Websphere Application Server were migrated to container technology using the OpenShift application platform. This included the CCM system Serie M/.


In 2012, Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft had chosen kwsoft’s Serie M/ for the new construction of its company-wide output management system. In several implementation steps, the existing solutions for document output of Raiffeisen were successively replaced by modules of the Serie M/ until the end of 2016.

The very high degree of functional coverage, the outstanding performance for centralized and decentralized processing, and the modern Java EE architecture were decisive for the choice of supplier and product. The decision in favor of kühn & weyh was preceded by a detailed proof of concept which included load and performance tests. With the M/ series, Raiffeisen now has a long-term and sustainable solution in customer communication management – both for batch processing and for interactive document creation for approximately 8,500 users.

The Raiffeisen Group is the leading Swiss retail bank. The third force in the Swiss banking market has 3.7 million customers.