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Project description

Digital customer communication at HUK-COBURG

Success concept HUK24

With the founding of its subsidiary HUK24 in 2000, the company implemented the concept of online insurance on a digital basis at a very early stage. Under the motto “You can reach HUK24 conveniently by computer,” customers can take out insurance policies such as motor vehicle, legal protection, liability, etc. online – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The subsequent administration and support of the insurance policies is also handled completely digitally (via the Internet).

In addition, there is the special HUK service: In the event of a claim, the 24-hour claims service of the HUK-COBURG insurance group is available to the customer. Whether on the phone, in person at one of the 38 service offices, or online.

Technically, the solution is based on a customer portal in which the documents generated by the Series M/, such as contract documents, invoices, notifications, etc., are stored in PDF/A format.

If a new document is received in the portal, the customer automatically receives a notification by e-mail. If the document has a deadline, such as an invoice with a payment deadline, the customer automatically receives an email reminder if they have not accessed the document after a set deadline has passed. If this deadline passes again unused, the document is automatically printed and delivered by mail.

HUK24’s disproportionate customer growth has proven for many years that operating a digital online insurance policy works.

Without paperwork, without detours, without time delays, the customer applies for his insurance coverage immediately online
The receives protected access to the insurance contracts
In the service area, he can view the contracts and communicate changes simply and directly
In the electronic post office box, he settles the correspondence with HUK24 securely and bindingly
The online invoices are made available in the mailbox and the customer is informed about them by e-mail
Exemplary security: HUK24 meets the highest standards for data security, data protection and trustworthiness.
And insurance coverage with HUK24 is also cheaper. That’s because the customer benefits from the savings achieved through digital processes in the form of lower premiums.

Digital trends at the HUK Insurance Group

The parent company is also keen to introduce digital processes where they can replace traditional physical procedures. Of course, security issues must be solved, for example, when it comes to sending and accessing documents.

The GDV industry network

One solution in the B2B area is the GDV (German Insurance Association) industry network, which is used for the digital exchange of information between insurance companies and with a network of service providers such as garages, etc. The GDV network is also used for the digital exchange of information between insurance companies. Here, too, the Series M/ automatically generates the required PDF documents from the respective business transaction and sends them on their way.

Customer communication via e-mail

Personal and telephone customer support via the nationwide service network is also increasingly using the e-mail channel to send documents.

User report

“It all depends on the right partner!”

Jürgen Detsch, HUK-COBURG